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A New Web Site, Prizes, and Hope
for those who live Unequally Yoked

We want to share our brand new website with you today. You, our faithful readers, are the first people we wanted to invite to see our newest sister home:

Jump over and take a stroll around. There are wonderful prizes and new offerings we pray this place will enrich your life and provide practical help and encouragment to thrive in your spiritually mismatched marriage.

Also, we are giving away to five copies of our new book this week. All you need to do is to copy the code below, paste it on your blog, tell us in the comments that you are sharing our message and you will be entered to win. One winner will receive the trio of marriage books. Find out what they are over at our new site. Also we will be sharing your blog address with all of our readers here next week. So, help us get the word out. Someone you know lives unequally yoked and needs encouragement.

It's been quite a journey these past five years and our message always points to Jesus. It's our greatest passion to help others thrive in their crazy and mixed-up, mismatched marriage. That is what our book is all about. If you know anyone who needs encouragement, send them to us. We will pick them up, dust them off and then all of us will walk arm-in-arm toward heaven. Loving our Lord and our spouse.

Okay, come back here in a minute and tell us what you think. We would love your thoughts and we welcome you, our dearest friends, to

 Hugs, Lynn and Dineen

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