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Thankful Thursday is at Laurie's of Women Taking A Stand and then over to Grace Alone for March and back here in April.

Today I'm going to share a story from a woman who recently emailed me. This story is fascinating. So here is her email to me: 

Lynn, You are very welcome, and oddly enough, Lynn is the name of the friend I wrote about. I thought this e-mail was from her at first. One thing I did not share, because I thought some might find it offensive, is the last prayer I remember praying for her husband before he was saved. We were at a home meeting, and Lynn had been through a particularly bad episode with him...and was hurrying to get home at the time HE had appointed. If she was late, that meant no more prayer meetings! As different ones in the group began to pray for them...again...something just rose up within me.

When the others were finished, I prayed and simply asked God to hang him over hell and show him what his eternity would be like without Jesus! Everyone seemed a bit startled, and I was afraid I was definitely in the flesh on that one!

Long story short...not long after that prayer, maybe less than a month, it's hard to remember...he had a MASSIVE heart attack. Lynn was working at the time, and when she arrived at the ER, the first thing he told her was that he had been held over hell...and he could see the flames and feel the torment, and KNEW that's where he was going without Jesus.

He asked her to call our pastor, whom he absolutely hated, and have him come to the ER right then, not later, but NOW and pray with him! He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, became best friends with the pastor and his family [really], and his transformation amazes me still, so many years later!

Sadly, he's not doing well physically, he's a kidney transplant patient and Lynn's kidneys were a match for him...which is another miracle, because rarely is a spouse a suitable donor. But the transplant was over sixteen years ago, and his body is simply wearing out. He's in the hospital now, but when he and Lynn came to visit us for my birthday a few weeks ago, he had a request for me...

Would I pray for his son the way I prayed for Him? He has asked me many times over the years did I REALLY pray for God to hang him over hell? And, when I answer yes, he just smiles and says thank you.

I do apologize for such a long e-mail, and I hope you won't think I am a crazy woman! I truly have a great reverence for God and I do NOT take such things lightly, and I know some people might misunderstand such a prayer. Therefore, I don't share this testimony with many people...but it truly is a beautiful testimony of God's saving power and His faithfulness. May God strengthen and encourage you as you continue to stand in prayer for your husband and others.


I want to thank Marsha for sharing her story. It is bold of her to share it. I am so thankful this TT for the prayers of the Saints and more so for the power of God that is displayed through answered prayer.

So, do we dare pray such a prayer for our spouse??? This is indeed a truly dangerous prayer. Thoughts. Lynn

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