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Thankful Thursday - It Takes a Giant Family

Thankful Thursday is at Laurie's of Women Taking A Stand and then over to Grace Alone for March and back here in April.


If you are new here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage, let me introduce you to one of my favorite days of the week here at our home.

A day we are intentional about recognizing our blessings and naming them to give praise to our Lord. It's a fun opportunity to participate if you are a blogger, on FB, or in the comments here, to add your praises and link up with an entire on-line community to give praise.

Today, I want to thank the Lord for the many, many people who support SUM behind the scenes. There truly are a significant number of people who contribute to make this place a home. They volunteer to help because of their love for their Savior and because they love and care for all of us in this community.

  • Prayer Warriors. We have friends who pray for Dineen and I, our marriage and our ministry. Without these vital intercessors, we would be a weak force for the Kingdom.
  • Technical people who help with our many web responsibilities, here and at 1 Peter 3 Living.
  • Our publishing team who invested and still invests hours, hearts and finances to help reach others who have not found us on the internet.
  • Mentors, friends who share knowledge, people who connect us to others, so, so many who encourage us and help direct our path.
  • And all of you, our friends, who come here to share a part of your day with us. You are the reason we are here.
  • And there is one person who financially gives generously to provide the resources to make our home here a place that is free to anyone who needs love and encouragement. Thank you Sue. 

Today, I'm so thankful for how God brings so many together in His Kingdom. Our on-line home here with you is a taste of our future in heaven. It thrills my heart to know each of you, to pray for your marriage, to rejoice in the victory the Lord has for all of us.

If you blog or FB, join us at Laurie's today. If you don't blog, add your thankfulness to the comments below. Writing out your thanks to Jesus has a profound effect on your heart and it brings honor to our Savior. Be blessed, Lynn   

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