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The Intentional Marriage — A Look at 1Peter 3:1-5

Be Intentional and SO Much More

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Today, I'm feeling compelled to say TWO words to our community...

Just pray.

Why is it that so many of us turn to prayer as our last resort. We have run out of every option. Tried to fix our spouse. Tried everything under the sun to change our circumstances. So, finally, well, we think to ourselves, "I guess I should pray about it."

Prayhandshad The power of God isn't a mystery. Discovering a life filled with happiness and fulfillment isn't a secret for only a select few. No, it's for all God's children. And I promise He really, really wants us to live in joy.

It starts with praying. Everything that God brought into my life that is good, pleasing and in the perfect will of God came because I prayed.  Romans 12:1-2

My prayers in the early years were selfish and shallow but God in His great grace has moved me to pray now not for my self-centered wants but to truly pray for my spouse. I want to share a prayer from our book, Winning Him Without Words. Today, I pray more like this and these kind of  prayers move heaven and earth. 

Oh, Father, today let me just love him. Pour Your love into me in such a powerful and complete way that I am just bursting with You. Teach me how to pour Your love out over my husband and everyone I meet. Make every encounter I have an opportunity for others to see You and not me.

Father, I beg You to place Yourself before my man today. Be in front of him at the office. Be at his side at lunchtime. Be behind him as he talks on the phone and writes a letter. Lord, place Christian men in his path, at the store today, on the phone and at the office. Let him see reminders that You are in relentless pursuit of him and that Your passion for him will never fade. Lord, I ask You to surround him with You. Fill his morning, noon and night with Your presence and protect him from the enemy.

Lord, I ask Your will in his life, not my will. I love You, Jesus. I love You. Your humble servant, Lynn.

What are you waiting for? Be Intentional and start praying and then watch what God will do. Hugs, Lynn

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