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Weekend Devo — Faith of a Mother

This time... I Need You

Hi My Friends,

Well as you might expect the enemy has been working overtime. Yesterday, a giant setback occurred.  Something we counted on to be prepared for our book release became completely unravelled.

I'm going to be completely transparent here. I was so angry I was shaking. I haven't been that mad since I was an executive at a bank . (banking can really tick you off *grin*)

So, may I ask you, our friends, to pray for Dineen and for me. The enemy would love to destroy our marriages, our efforts to get our message out and our witness.

I would treasure any words of prayers you leave in the comments for us today. We have prayed for so many of you. For your marriages, for you spirit, for your happiness and we count it a privilege to do so. We rarely ask for prayer. Perhaps we should ask you to pray for us more frequently?

But, today, I am utterly humble and in need of the Lord to protect us and show us what direction we need to go.

I love all of you so much. I care deeply for your heart, your marriage, your children and your spirit. Thank you for praying for Dineen and I. Hugs, Lynn


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Marching Around Jericho is a spiritual guide. As you read through the pages, powerful and transformative instruction and equipping takes place. We follow Jesus as he leads us around the walls, imparting kingdom truths with each passing, finally arriving at the gates of the walled-off city, our spouse’s unbelieving heart. After the circles in prayer are complete, we arrive fully prepared to command the walls to crumble and be removed, making a way for our spouse to step from the rubble of lies and captivity, into faith and freedom!

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