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Thankful Thursday - Significance

Thankful Thursday is hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage in January. WOO HOO!

In February we move to Laurie of Women Taking A Stand and then over to Grace Alone for March.

Now that 2011 is a few weeks old, your zeal about new beginnings and potential is waning. You still have piles of laundry waiting, kids shouting at you, demands on your time and you feel lost.... once again. You might feel like your hope for something new is diminished and you feel forgotten or unappreciated.

That's the January Blues. A not so uncommon occurrence.

So, this is EXACTLY the time you need to hear this: 

"A woman's high calling as God's image bearer renders her incapable of insignificance, no matter what has gone wrong in her life or how much she has lost. Even if her community shoves her aside, turns a deaf ear to the sound of her voice, or regards her as invisible-even if she is forced into a passive role in the community she remains vital to God's purposes and is a solid contributor anyway. She simply cannot be stopped." Carolyn Curtis James, "The Gospel According to Ruth" - Zondervan, 2008

Press on we serve God Almighty and He is our significance. I'm hushed to whispers of thanks that God sees me. I am incapable of insignificance. 

What are you thankful for this week? I'm looking forward to visiting all of you. Also, if you know other bloggers who would like to give thanks this Thursday, please invite them to join us this week. I love to meet new friends. Take time to visit a few of the other participants and...... no matter what, you serve a God who values your roll in your life. Be blessed, Lynn


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