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Thankful Thursday - Serving the Kingdom

Thankful Thursday is hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage in January. Don't forget that next Thursday we will all meet up for Thankful Thursday at Laurie's of Women Taking A Stand and then over to Grace Alone for March.

I have been richly blessed to host Thankful Thursday. I haven't been around to read your online friends posts but I WILL get there, God willing.

This Thursday, I am utterly thankful for allowing Dineen and I to share our stories of God's healing in our spiritually mismatched marriage with the world.

Our book, Winning Him Without Words, will be released on February 17th. We are in earnest prayer that our message will save marriages, encourage women to grow in their relationship with Jesus and mostly that the name of JESUS CHRIST is glorified.

If you know a woman who is living unequally yoked, they are lonely, they feel misunderstood and are struggling quietly. Please send them to us. We will pick them up, dust them off and give them a Wild Hope they need to move forward in their marriage and their journey toward heaven.

I can't begin to thank Jesus enough for the chance to serve His Kingdom.

How do you serve God's Kingdom? Is it through your church, through your online ministry, is it by serving your family and your husband? Give thanks to Jesus and let's celebrate all the good things God works for our good and His glory.

Praising Him. Lynn

PS. Stop back in February as we start a new series: How to make your husband your boyfriend.This will be hilarious yet practical as well as perfect timing leading up to Valentine's Day. Also, we will be launching a brand new website the second week of February. Cool Free stuff, stories, information and a bunch of other stuff. Stop in and visit with me.~ Hugs, Lynn 

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