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Thankful Thursday - Online Community

Thankful Thursday is hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage in January. WOO HOO!

In February we move to Laurie of Women Taking A Stand and then over to Grace Alone for March.

Tomorrow my BFF, Dineen Miller, my co-writer and co-author, the one who listens to my problems, the one who puts up with my zany blondness, the one who forgives me when I miss a deadline, the woman who knowns me well and loves me anyway, will be flying into town for a short visit.


Some of you may know this but many of you don't, Dineen and I have written together on this blog for almost five years (May). We wrote a book together and we have an active prayer ministry for so many who need prayer for their marriage. She and I have partnered for over four years yet we hadn't spent more than two minutes with each other face-t-face until just this past August.

THAT is the power of the community of God on the internet. We worked together in one accord and for the Lord without spending any time together in the same room. 

Dineen is visiting because we are frantically working to finish some of the details for our upcoming book publication. We must finish some video stuff together. We have a jam-packed schedule and we will LOVE every minute of it and treasure the time we have together face-to-face.

We would LOVE IT if you would join us for a cup of coffee, some of our zany stories, a peek at what's coming up next,  LIVE THIS Friday morning 11:30 Eastern/ 8:30 Pacific) for our online show, The Intentional Marriage. It's going to be in my kitchen (I hope I can figure out the logistics) and it's going to be a hoot.

Today, I'm utterly amazed yet delighted God could form a deep and everlasting friendship over the internet. I am richly blessed with many of these friendships with you. 

Thank you Lord for my online community and friends. THEY are the treasures in my crown that I cast at your feet. 

How about you. Is there an online friend who you treasure? I'm looking forward to visiting you and finding out out who your online BFF is and why.

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