Friday, Final Day of Fasting
If I were God, I Would Zap Him

Now Watch the Miracles!

It's astonishing to realize the first week of 2011 has already passed. How quickly life on planet earth passes. I think the Bible equates our 80-90 years to be only a vapor James 4:14.

Well as we depart from our week of fasting, I'm convinced the prayers and sacrifices of our time this week will yield untold work in the lives of our online community. God has listened and He dearly cares for His children.

I was amazed that there were great numbers of us who chose to fast this year. More than I ever expected. Many of you left amazing testimonies and stories in the comments over the past week. You greatly honor the name of Jesus. There were even more of you who didn't post comments but also fasted and prayed.

There will still be other's who will come back to these posts in the months ahead and fast for a week, seeking the Lord in their lives.

Can I say one thing about our week? .... LIVES WERE CHANGED. Destinies altered. Salvation encounters set in motion and freedom from lies, sin, fear, addictions descended down upon us.

Praise Jesus! Can I get an AMEN?

So, thank you everyone who participated. And now I want to thank Rosheeda Lee who spent significant time preparing us for this week.


I adore you and thank you with a full heart for leading us through this past week. You are an inspiration to me and all of us here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage. Your heart for Christ is evident and your love for Him shines as bright as the noon day sun. 

Thank you!

So today will all of you leave a note for Rosheeda? Tell her what this week has meant to you. Then also leave a note for Jesus. Tell Him what this week has meant to you. 

Dineen and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you allow us to spend time with you, our online family. We have so much more to share with you this year. We serve a God who is the great dream giver and we are following hard after Him. It's our priviledge to march arm-in-arm with you toward heaven.

On Monday we will return to some of our regular programing *grin.* I have a story to tell you. Tune in and we will see you then. Be blessed, Lynn

Fasting banner 2011 

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