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A Change of Heart

If I were God, I Would Zap Him

Christians are judgmental.

Yep, we’re not supposed to be yet often we save our harshest judgment for other Christians.

Sometimes I find myself in this very place. I hate it when I live in the land of judgment. So, I have to tell you that there are times when I’m truly glad I’m married to an unbeliever. He makes sure to snap me out of that place and gives me a reality check.

And you know what, it’s really sobering to be given a reality check, especially about my faith, from my unbelieving spouse. Sheesh!

So picture this.

4-way-stop-sign A few days ago, my husband and I were on our way home from Wal-Mart. My husband, the sweet man, went with me just to spend time with me. (This is a rarity and he knows how much I love him for it.) Well in our town, in southern California, the roads are crowed and especially in the evening rush hour. So naturally, everyone was rushing around i.e. speeding, trying to get home. Our car approached a large intersection. A four-way stop intersection.

I’m convinced that there IS NOT a single driver on planet earth who really knows the proper procedure for negotiating a four-way stop. This is certainly true at rush hour. Think about it… Have you heard the term, a California stop i.e., slightly slow then go very fast and who cares whose turn it is… Grrrrr

Well, I approached to stop and already I was grumbling about the idiots who don’t know how to drive. Yep, real Christian witnessing going on in our car. Ugh….

And as I expected, some idiot cuts me off and practically hits another motorist and speeds through the intersection without a care for anyone but himself. (Now, It’s not like I would ever do anything like that….. ever…. cough… cough…. ahem….)

So I continue with my, um, “Christian witnessing” and pronounce to my husband, “Now see that idiot. If I were God, I would zap him. It’s a good thing I’m not God.”

My usually quiet and introspective man just smiles at me and calmly says, “If you were God, you wouldn’t be upset by things like that.”


Immediately my mind flashed to things like child abuse, and poverty, human trafficking for sex and people who are freezing in the cold. I could almost feel God’s tears sting His check as He looked down on earth.

I felt ashamed. I was whining about the stupidest stuff when there are real and terrible things about which God cares deeply.

“On honey, you are so right,” was all I could muster. “Thank you for restoring my perspective and my patience.”

Sometimes, more times than we want to admit, our unbelieving souses do more for our spiritual growth and love for others than any other person.

I love you my husband.

Have a blessed Monday and a great week. I have a fascinating discussion planned for Friday on The Intentional Marriage. Plan to tune in 11:30 Eastern and 8:30 Pacific. Hugs, Lynn


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