Thursday Fasting: A Love Letter
Now Watch the Miracles!

Friday, Final Day of Fasting

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Today's Activity: Consider God's challenge prayerfully. Then give Him an answer.

Today's Focus: Healing. Ask God for healing for all we've prayed for this week - healing that begins in the spirit and then pours forth in the body.

'I Am a jealous God. I will no longer accept lukewarm faith. I want full commitment. No longer will I allow My people to claim to love Me with no action that puts that love on display. During this week, I have called you to new relationship and deeper faith. You must know that there is a place in this journey where no one but you will understand your faith. And when that place comes, I want you to keep believing. I want you to continue to trust Me.

Your fast has availed much and I Am well pleased with your sacrifice. As the year begins, I want four things from you:

(1) Be willing to stand alone, for My sake. Seek to please Me alone. Not your parents, spouses, children, friends, or pastors. Only Me.

(2) Make Me first. Worship Me alone. I want to be the only God in your life.

(3) Love all as I have loved you. I view My people with complete sight. I want you to do the same. See what I see; see through My eyes, rather than the cloudy lens of your own humanity.

(4) Be willing to give it all away. I want everything. I want it ALL. Do not be like the young rich ruler who could not part with his possessions or his people. I want you to be willing to give it all away to follow Me.

I love you. I have heard the cries of your hearts and I will not tarry. Stand firm and you will see My glory in your life and the lives of those you love like a mighty flood. This year I will part the seas, I will free the captives, I will give a fresh anointing. No matter what comes, trust Me. Listen and obey. Do not be anxious or afraid, for I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of sound mind. Continue to seek Me earnestly and watch Me establish the work of your hands.'

This week has been amazing all. God has done marvelous things. Please be sure to share the testimonies with Lynn & Dineen and myself ([email protected]). I love you and I am humbled at the opportunity to serve you and worship alongside in such a holy way this week. I'll be praying for you throughout the year.


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