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Tuesday Fasting: Hall of Faith

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I have been amazed and blessed to see how many of you are fasting and how you have loved and supported and prayed for one another in the comments. This is an amazing online community of Christians who are living out their faith in 2011. Love you, Lynn

Rosheeda Lee:

Today's Activity: Hall of Faith. Three earmarks for yourself, your spouse, and for your children. For one year, two years, and three years.

For myself, I am believing God for:

For my spouse, I am believing God for:

For our children, I am believing God for:

2011, 2012, 2013

Print out the fasting guide and record your answers there.

2011 Fasting Guide (PDF)

Today's Focus: the unsaved - all unsaved. Which would include spouses and kids, but is really a specific prayer for all unbelievers to have an opportunity to know God for themselves...

Faith isn’t about how you feel. It’s about what you do. Today is about taking the risk to live faith out loud. It’s about learning to expect God. There are a couple of things you need to know:

(1) The things God wants you to believe Him for will not come without work.

(2) They will be worth every bit of the battle to receive them.

For the Christ-follower, the risk is not in whether or not you will be given the victory. That has already been decided. The risk is in whether or not you will endure the process necessary to lay claim to that which has already been reserved specifically for you...

Take the challenge today and really seek God for the impossible. I’m telling you, He will blow your mind. Share with us in the comments.

One thing for you and one for your spouse that God is asking you to believe Him for. And be encouraged. God is doing much in this week, even now…


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