Tuesday Fasting: Hall of Faith
Thankful Thursday - A Fresh Beginning

Wednesday Fasting: Worship

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Rosheeda Lee:

Worship. One on one time with God to hear and to seek Him simply for who He is.

Focus is ministry. What is it? How does God see it. How does He want it to look in our lives?

This day is between you and God. Worship Him. Don’t ask for stuff. Ask for Him. That’s what He wants more than anything – to give you more of Himself. Let Him minister to you. Let Him love you and let Him teach you how to love Him in return.

Ask Him to tell you what ‘ministry’ is from His own heart and then ask Him to help you to apply it to your own life. You should walk away from today willing to give away what’s been given to you…

Love ya'll. Ro

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