Santa Claus, Jesus and Kids
The Intentional Marriage—Santa Claus, Jesus and Kids

The Christmas Letter

Okay, you usually fall into two camps when it comes to this funny and strange tradition of a family Christmas letter. You love ‘em or hate ‘em.


Now I know they are usually filled with sickening sweet recollections of all the amazing and fantastic things that occurred in the year and sometimes it’s hard to read those kind of letter’s especially when you had a tough year. Some people like my friend Kathy writes a Christmas letter that often begins with something like this…

Well, the dog was run over and the oldest daughter shacked up…..

It’s real-life and that’s what she writes. I LOVE her letters too. She is hilarious.

No matter what kind of Christmas letter you write, I love to receive them and read every word. I thrill to enjoy the adventures and triumphs in your year. I am thankful for those Christmas cards and letters. They are a joy and a tradition I treasure.

If you love receiving Christmas letters too, write in the comments…. I LOVE CHRISTMAS LETTERS.

You are then entered into a drawing for some really cool prize I have yet to purchase. But you will love it…. I promise.

Also, if you want a Donovan Clan, Family Christmas Letter mailed to your home this season, I would love to mail one to you with a personal thank you for your friendship and to tell you I love you. Email me with your snail mail address Lynn and I will pop one in the mail.

Happy Thankful Thursday this Christmas Season. Be blessed, Lynn

Please, please, please mail your Family Christmas letter to me:

Lynn Donovan

43952 Barletta St.

Temecula, CA 92592

This December let's all meet up with Iris at Grace Alone in January we are back here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage and February we will be at Laurie's, Women Taking A Stand.


Post Notation: I just went to my mail box and there I found the annual letter from my friend Kathy. It a doozy... a three pager... So, I'm off to the couch for a great read and a belly laugh. Ho -Ho -Ho

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