Blessings This Thanksgiving
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How Do We Help our Unbelieving Spouse see Jesus this Christmas?

With Thanksgiving behind us, I find we are already in the rush toward Christmas.

Before we know what happened, Christmas day will be upon us. So, let's think about what intentional efforts we can make to make our Christmas celebration a time of witness to our unbelieving family members.

For me personally, this is an exceptional challenge. I'm so busy with preperations, buying gifts, wrapping, our church Christmas Dessert and all manner of stuff that I have little brain power left when my husband's family arrives and to be purposeful in our home for Jesus.  I always feel like I could have done better.

So let's share some ideas on how to bring Christ into focus this time of year in your spiritually mismatched home. Do we invite the family to church on Christmas Eve? Do you read the Christmas story? Do you display a manger?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas. I will be checking in to add to our conversation. Be blessed, Lynn

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