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Marriage for Training?

IStock_000000759332XSmall I read an excellent post by Kevin Adams over at Wake Up My Faith, entitled “Marriage—God’s Seat of the Pants Training Ground.” If you have some time, read his post. It’s a little long but worth the read.

I love how God spoke to Kevin and flat out said marriage was preparation for intimacy with Him. What would happen if we looked at our spiritually mismatched marriages in light of that truth?

We’ve spent a lot of time here talking about what’s at stake for our unbelieving spouses, right? How we are the first and foremost representation of Christ in their lives, for the most part. And I’ve used the story of Esther as an amazing representation of how we are put in place specifically to accomplish a great purpose. “For such a time as this…”

But what about that preparation part for deeper intimacy with God? It made me think and travel a few bunny trails as to how God intends our unique and challenging marriages for intimacy with Him.

In reading Kevin’s post I realized that so many of the needs I’d looked to my husband to fulfill earlier in our marriage are now being met by God. Those days of feeling like I have given more water than a rock and have absolutely nothing left to give have dwindled dramatically.

I’m learning to rely on God’s strength more (out of necessity) and to seek God when I feel weak. He’s called me to serve and love my husband in more ways than ever, to love unconditionally. And in the midst of all that, I’m noticing how God has taken care of my needs in amazing ways.

We live in a society that teaches us to look out for ourselves. I’ve done that in the past and I never did find what I truly needed. Nor did I find satisfaction.

It's truly an amazing thing that happens when we put others first through the power and direction of Christ. Only then does it work, and only then are our own needs so wonderfully and unexpectedly met.

Praying and believing,


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