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Thankful Thursday - 10 Things you don't know about me

This month, October, we will meet here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage. In November we will all meet up with Laurie of Women Taking A Stand and return to Grace Alone in December.

It's Thankful Thursday.

Earlier today I was reading a post by my friend, Lori at Lori's Reflections. She posted a list of things I didn't know about her. It was delightful.

Today, I think we should all post our own list.

So here are ten things you don't know about me.

1. I LOVE to trout fish. I even bait the hook and clean the fish, then fry 'em up, yum and eee. Broken arms

2. You will never, ever, learn my middle name - classified. *grin* (Don't try to find out either.)

3. I broke both my arms in seventh grade.... at the same time. 

4. I'm not ticklish. At all. Weird, I know.

5. I love big hooped earings. Wearing some now.

6. I need my momma in my life now at age 50 as much more than I needed her when I was little.

7. I'm age 50. (Can anyone explain to me where my forties went too so fast?)

8. I raised two "only" Children. God knew I could only handle one-at-a-time.

9. I talk to my dog in a funny strange voice. (Should I admit this online?)

10. I care deeply and love The Family of God. (Bet you knew this.)

Post ten things that make you uniquely you.

You are a redeemed child of the King. You are His special creation and your unique characteristics, talents and oddities make you a priceless treasure to Him and to me. I am so thankful to know you my friends.

Be blessed, Lynn

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