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Rebuilding a Spouse

IStock_000012676713XSmall Over the last couple of months we’ve embarked upon the realm of desperately needed home repairs. The interesting thing about this process is one project seems to lead to another. We get one damaged part fixed and restored, which then exposes the not so great part sitting next to it. I’m sure any of you who have dealt with this can relate.

Ka-ching, ka-ching…

A new porch roof to replace the leaky one. A new fence that will actually keep our dog in and not fall over. Pieces of house trim that have been pulled up have revealed more rot than expected. At this point, my living room now looks like a demolition zone. The old and stained cheap carpeting is gone and the promise of a wood floor awaits. We’ve waited a few years to get these things done, and our excitement eclipses the inconvenience.

As I’ve watched this transformation, my spirit-led heart can’t help but make deeper connections. Sometimes we can look just fine on the outside while closer examination may reveal crumbling parts and deterioration. No, I’m not talking about our physical bodies but the state of our hearts.

Without the constant upkeep and nurturing, a home can fall into disrepair. Likewise, without the constant feeding and nurturing of our hearts with prayer and Scripture, our spirits begin to weaken and our foundation starts to crumble.

In many ways, I see this home repair process as a reflection of what’s going in my sweet hubby. Old supports and fences are being torn down to rebuild solid structures. And there’s this messy stage that falls between the removal of what’s old to replace it with the new. Not until the process is completed will I truly see the outcome. And I know it will be costly at times.

From the outside our unbelieving spouses may seem unchanged and unaffected by our prayers, but if we are to believe God’s promises, then we must believe things are happening. We just can’t see the full outcome yet. This is where our faith is so critical— being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Heb. 11:1).

Just as God rebuilt us from the inside out, He’ll rebuild our spouses too. It’s an unending process when you think about it. God won’t be done with us until we’re with Him in heaven. And just like fixing and improving a house takes time, so does the journey to faith. In the meantime, we can be a part of the process with our prayers, our faith, and our hope.

Praying and believing,

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