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Welcome To The Intentional Marriage

They say.... Love is blind. But, marriage is a real eye-opener! 


Well that is true. However, isn't that what God's ideal of marriage is all about? 

Walk with us as we explore the mystery and brilliance of marriage under the sovereign hand of God. 

Today on our first broadcast, The Intentional Marriage, we will chat about the mysteries of how God works through our married life to bring about His plans for us. It is the highest calling on a life and the Lord's most favored tool to teach us how to overcome, to discover joy, live in peace, figure out our struggles and to live in authentic relationship.

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Eastern Daylight Time 11:30 a.m.

Central Daylight Time 10:30 a.m.

Mountain Daylight Time 9:30 a.m.

Pacific Daylight Time 8:30 a.m.

GMT for all of you outside of the US 15:30 (and, thanks for joining us at odd hours)

Then join us for our new monthly meme as we share some giggles, insight, wisdom and practicality we each other.

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This month let's share words of advice from our now mature married self to the young married girl we were in the first year of marriage. (post a photo from your wedding.... please, please, please) Here are photos of Dineen and I as new brides.  Imported Photos 00016  

We will be writing words of advice from our now more mature married self to the young married girl we were in the first year of marriage. You can write about any or all of the following three things. 

  • See the Humor – humorous anecdotes and funny advice about the hilarity and fun in marriage and how to relax and not take ourselves too seriously. 
  • Powerfully Positive - wisdom and perspective that comes with living with our spouse over time. What wisdom or perspective would you share with your young self that would make married life more fun, fulfilling, and joyful for you and your spouse. How has the power of God worked in your marriage through forgiveness, commitment, and unconditional love. 
  • Dineen-NewBride Practically Practical – Everyday things that show love to your spouse, yourself, your family. This can be anything. A favorite recipe or a story about letting the laundry go so you can watch a movie together. Anything practical that is edifying and helpful. 

Then over the next several our months the meme will focus a single issues such as respect, communication, the bedroom and apply these three themes to that specific area of marriage.

Remember we will be compiling your words of advice for a book. there is so much wisdom, grace and humor in our online community. We want to share it as well as pass it on to our daughters. So write well and let me know you have an entry. Also, you can contribute through the comments.

Finally, I will be giving away to five of you who join our meme or add to our book through comments a copy of The Dream Giver. This book will inspire you to follow your God given dreams.

Thank you for loving us all these years. Thank you to all who can join our LIVE SHOW. Thank you to all who are joining our meme. Dineen and I will be by to read and chat with you. 

So, grab the code, LINK UP and visit us today at The Intentional Marriage.

Discovering the joy and beauty of marriage....

as God intended it.




Reflecting Jesus... The Intentional Marriage

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