Thankful Thursday -
I'm Going to Break Your Heart!

This is so beyond me.... I can't think of a title. Just, please read.

What dream lies so deep in your heart that you are afraid to even think of the possibility of it becoming real?

My friends, we serve the Great Dream Giver.

It is likely that dream is a gift from Him and it can become reality. We serve the all-powerful God of the universe. He is guiding us down our own personal journey toward our dreams. There are many hurdles on the way and often times we are our own worst enemy.

Over the past two months, God has been growing an idea in me. It’s has been so large that He couldn’t give it all to me at once. But, He has brought it all to fruition and now is the time to share it with you. This dream involves you, all of you the readers and friends we know in our amazing online community. So, travel this path with Dineen and I, it’s God’s invitation to honor His name and to help others along the way toward heaven.

Where do I begin?

I started praying in July about joining CWA and taking on internet television. Dineen and I both began to pray and God immediately gave me the name, The Intentional Marriage. But, I didn’t expect what He would reveal about four weeks later.

Now, y’all know I’m blonde so I’m telling you this next part, the rest of all the plans, did not come from me but from the Lord. I’m still freaked out at the fantastic plans of God.

I was praying and the Lord prompted, “Do a meme along with your show.” God is very blunt with me.

A meme?

Then as Dineen and I began to pray over it, we heard God calling us to ask all of you who are writers of blogs to share your wisdom and thoughts about how we make our marriages thrive when we are intentional. We thought we could share a specific idea each month and all of us write about it.


God wasn’t satisfied with merely an online broadcast and a meme, no, He then said, “Place this wisdom in a book.”

A book.

So, here is what we hear the Lord calling all of us to do.

Next Friday, please join Dineen and me for our very first broadcast, The Intentional Marriage. Please visit our CWA page (click here) to watch the show. If you want to participate in the chat, and we really want you to, go to Stickam, our online broadcast hosting service (click here), and join and then befriend us (The Intentional Marriage) so you can chat with us each month.

Next, plan to join in the meme. Next Friday. Write your blog post and link up. Our topic is what is the most amazing part of this whole thing. We will be writing words of advice from our now mature married self to the young married girl we were in the first year of marriage.

You can write about any or all of the following three things.

  • See the Humor – humorous anecdotes and funny advice about the hilarity and fun in marriage and how to relax and not take ourselves too seriously.
  • Powerfully Positive - wisdom and perspective that comes with living with our spouse over time. What wisdom or perspective would you share with your young self that would make married life more fun, fulfilling, and joyful for you and your spouse. How has the power of God worked in your marriage through forgiveness, commitment, and unconditional love.
  • Practically Practical – Everyday things that show love to your spouse, yourself, your family. This can be anything. A favorite recipe or a story about letting the laundry go so you can watch a movie together. Anything practical that is edifying and helpful.

Then over the next several our months the meme will will focus a single issues such as respect, communication, the bedroom and apply these three themes to that specific area of marriage.

So, why would we put this all together? Because God said to culminate your wise, funny and practical words to create a book. A book from a mother’s heart to her daughter. (appreciate title suggestions too)

Dineen and I will gather your words from your blog posts, put them together and publish this book. We then want to give each contributor a copy. We will be using the meme posts over the next several months to gather words of wisdom. We will pick random bits of advice, humor, and stories from the meme posts to include in the book. If yours is selected up we will write you when that time arrives.

We hope this book will bring smiles and laughs, hugs and tears, great recipes, cleaning tips and a multitude of ideas to glorify God through marriage. This is our online community’s legacy to pass on to the next generation. Kinda sounds like Titus 2 to me.

If you have been married for a year, you have certainly learned a thing or two and have words to share.

Write a blog post NEX FRIDAY. Link Up. Or, add your wisdom in the comments next Friday.

Watch our broadcast… Please…. Pray for me and Dineen as it is our hearts desire to speak only the words of God. Then join us every second Friday, once a month, as we travel this path and discover just how far reaching our God is as He consistently pushes us toward our dreams.

If you dream of being published, your opportunity has arrived.

Also, next week I will be giving away five copies of the Dream Giver. (Thank you Angie for giving me my copy)

Please join us on this journey as we all travel with God and bring honor to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I stand amazed. I love you Jesus. Lynn 

How to watch and participate in Christian Women Affiliate TV, tutorial.

Join in Chat and participate in The Intentional Marriage, tutorial.


1 med Res Enforcer Front CoverLynn, I couldn't stop reading this book!  It is the best you have written! It's a "self-help-bible-based-do-it-yourself-demon-slaying-victory-winning book" like no other I've ever read. I learned some new prayer points as well as clarification on what exactly does my situation mean.  Everyone who reads this will want their bible, notebook and the Holy Spirit sitting next to them as they strategize with the tools you've given! -Barb

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