Can't Out Give God
Nancy Kennedy Interview and Update 2010

Thankful Thursday

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

This month, August, we are all meeting up with Laurie of Women Taking A Stand and in September we will share our thanks with Iris of Grace Alone

Walking with Jesus is always a surprise. He is continually showing me His grace, His work in my life and His desire to help the Saints.

So last Friday I came home from a walk-and-talk with Him and I was filled with a Holy Fire to share some of my spiritual warfare encounters. So, I wrote what He told me.

And, Wow. I'm finding out as believers, we don't talk about this kind of warfare too often. And that many of us have actually experienced it. 

I'm so thankful that I followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and wrote what He told me. If you have time to read the stories here is the link:

This is Real Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare and our Children

Stop back on Friday for Spiritual Warfare and my Husband.

Praise God from Him we can Fight and WIN! Have a blessed TT. Hugs, Lynn

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