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Thankful Thursday

Step Four: Catch the Vision

Over the last few weeks I’ve posted several articles about loving our spouses unconditionally. Here are the links in case you want to review.

Step One: Choose to Love
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Step Three: Obedience

ColorfulEye This week, I’d like to take this to what I believe is a subtle yet very crucial aspect to loving our spouses unconditionally. In step two, I talked about keeping our focus on God. Let’s take a deeper look and talk about vision.

Now I’m not talking about the health of your eyes, or anything supernatural (at least not anything existing outside the perimeters of God’s prsence and power). I’m talking about grasping a sense of what God has planned for our unbelieving spouses. “Catching the vision” of what God wants for our spouse, so to speak.

This requires more than just 20/20 vision. Many of the comments you’ve left on these posts have mentioned trust, a key element that must be present and growing in our relationship with God. When we don’t trust God with the future of our mismatched marriages, we can’t see the potential in our spouses.

I recently had the opportunity to exchange emails with a dear woman who’s been unequally yoked for fourteen years. She shared some of her journey from near divorce to a thriving marriage today, despite the fact that her husband is still an unbeliever. And how God works through her to minister to others on similar paths now. I just love how she put this in her own words:

“Standing by our men doesn’t look like sense to the rest of the world. Even to some it looks like denial, but faith is all the difference. Others don’t see in our husbands what we see, for we see the promise!! We see them with the eyes of God, we see the priest of the home, the leader of the family in the making.” — Renee

Seeing that promise in our spouses is part of keeping our focus on God. We see the potential, the promise. This is so important to staying focused on what God’s doing. When we shift that attention to our situations, we tend to see only what’s wrong and grow discontent and impatient. Our vision becomes limited.

We need the spiritual glasses of faith and trust to see what God is doing and to know where we have opportunities to work with Him toward the salvation of our spouses. To do otherwise is to remain in darkness and lose hope.

Ask God to help you see your spouse through His eyes. Then trust Him to show you amazing things.

Praying and believing,

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