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Spiritual Warfare and My Unbelieving Husband

I have one last story to share with you. 

This trilogy of articles on spiritual warfare has a price. I have asked the Lord to protect my family and me. So today, I ask you to pray over my writing and speaking to result in two things; that the Lord, Jesus, is honored and that His Saints are empowered to fight the forces of evil. 

Also, I acknowledge that sharing these accounts of the spiritual realm may be troublesome to those who have never encountered what I describe. However, I began this blog over four years ago with a single purpose: To help others who are married to unbelievers. That is why I am compelled to share this story.

It took me years to learn how to fight for my unsaved husband. After too many years and too many tears, I finally found peace with my faith and my spouse through the power of Jesus Christ alive in my heart. I don’t want one other person to live in wasted years of unhappiness and frustration when I can share the truth I know from sitting at the feet of Jesus. 

It was Christ, Himself who brought healing to my heart and marriage. I want to share what Jesus has taught me so that you can also thrive in your marriage. 

In addition, I know there are many of you who are married to a spouse who dwells smack in the middle of the enemy camp and the spiritual warfare I describe is very real in your life (I have read your comments from last week).

Oh, how I wish I had known what I know now back in the early years. No one was teaching me. No one talked about these battles with the enemy and in fact, most Christians shy away from talking about doing battle with the enemy because it’s so controversial. But, I answer to Jesus and after serious prayer and four years of writing, He told me to share so that I can help someone else fight for their spouse. 

Thank you for praying for me. Now let’s get started. 


When I speak at conferences, the audience is always interested in how my husband feels about my ministry efforts. I think that’s a great question and I always tell them this: 

Today I’m going to share with you some stories from my marriage, some struggles, triumphs and the fantastic journey in which God has set in motion. I want you to know that my husband enthusiastically supports my writing and speaking. He has given me his full permission to share our lives. 

In fact, on the day I was preparing to start my blog, I went to my husband and explained what I was doing. I told him that I planned to write about our married life but wouldn’t do it if he objected. I also promised him that if I wrote something I thought might bother him. I would bring it to him to read first so he would be okay with my posting it. (Every time I have, he has always approved- I love that man) 

After my explanation and seeking his approval, he looked at me and said this, “Honey, if you can help one other couple to NOT go through what we have been through. 

Then GO FOR IT.” 


I still giggle as I remember this. I giggle and delight at how in spite of my husband’s lack of acknowledging God, God uses my husband to do His work on earth. It’s a blast to watch it all unfold. 

With that said, I want to share my account of a time when I was praying for my husband. 

Several, several years ago, I began to pray differently for my husband’s salvation. I was doing some study about breaking spiritual bondage. I was learning that the devil’s lies hold so many people hostage, unable to “hear” to real truth of the gift of salvation. I wanted to pray and fight the bondage that was holding my husband captive to the lie that God did not exist. 

I would lay awake at night and place my hand on my husband’s back as he slept. I would pray for him. Something similar to this: 

Lord, right now I ask that you would break the bondage of lies my husband has around him. In the name of Jesus, I bind the enemy that speaks lies to my husband and that is fighting to keep him away from You. Lord, I ask that you would protect my husband from evil that is fighting to retain its claim over him. Lord, dispatch angels to walk with my man wherever he is goes to protect him. Free his mind and heart. Open his spiritual eyes that he can know the truth and let the truth set him free. In the powerful, life-changing name of Jesus our Redeemer, Amen. 

My prayer was drawn from a couple different passages, which I was studying. Such as John 8:32 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 

I think I prayed like this for many, many months, perhaps even a few years. I can’t really recall. I just know I would pray every night with my hand lightly resting upon him as he slept. 

Well several years ago, I recall it was during the summer months because we have a door in our bedroom where you can step out onto the back patio. I remember that on this particular night we left the door open to allow the cool evening breezes to come in. We kept the screen door shut to keep the bugs out but the air could still flow. 

It was in the middle of the night and pitch dark. I don't know the time of night but I came immediately awake. I sat up in bed. I couldn’t see anything but I felt something had just come through the screen door into our bedroom. I felt alarmed in my spirit.  

I couldn't see anything but I sensed it and……It was seething. 

I could feel its hatred and anger. In a split second, I understood that I was facing an evil spirit who had a claim on my husband. It was seething mad that I was praying it’s claim away. I don’t know how to explain this but to say I just knew….. I knew this thing had “owned” my husband for a very long time. 

What I mean by this is, I think it was assigned to my husband to keep him from finding the truth. And for years had been successful. However, my prayers were making a difference and it arrived to have it out with me. 

Oh my gosh, I started praying like crazy. Out loud and with fervor, I prayed, binding it by the power and blood of Jesus Christ. I spoke and said it no longer had a hold over my husband that Jesus was the truth. I prayed scriptures but I can’t remember today which ones. I also don’t know for how long I prayed like this. It could have been only a minute or many minutes. 

All during this pivotal battle, my husband never woke. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know how loud I was speaking; I was just doing what I knew to do. Pray with the authority of my Lord, Jesus. 

Then suddenly I sensed “felt” it turn and with what I would describe as a great rush like wind, it fled in a hurry back through the screen door. 

It has never been back. 


This encounter happened years ago, before I began writing, but now as I have had time to pray and consider it all, I didn’t realize at the time how important that night was. 

Since that time, my husband has changed. I didn’t notice at first but now I can clearly see that my husband’s hostility toward matters of faith is mostly gone. He doesn’t bristle when I talk about God. In fact, he has moved significantly toward the cross ever since. Although he has yet to cross the line and make Jesus Lord of his life, our marriage now thrives in peace. 

I’m convinced, as a woman, married to a man who doesn’t believe, our prayers for our unsaved spouse are of eternal and monumental importance. 

We are on the front lines. 

At the end of this life nothing, NOTHING, else matters but the salvation of people and a life lived to glorify the Son. 

Period. The end. 

Don’t grow weary. When you are weak, write me. I will pray beside you. I know how utterly important our battle prayers are for the cause of Christ. 

Be blessed, Lynn

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