Thankful Thursday -
This is Real Spiritual Warfare


Hello Everyone: 

We are postponing our first broadcast of The Intentional Marriage until next month. The second Friday, September 10th. We found ourselves a little behind on many of the details and didn't want to do a partially good job..

It is our earnest prayer that we put forth the BEST job and share words and stories that inspire you to live your married life intentionally. So we will hope you will join us next month. We will remind you as the date approaches.

In the mean time. I have a question for you. 

In the many years of walking in my faith, married to an unbeliever, I have discovered that there are numerous times where I mistakenly created conflict in my marriage over matters of faith. I also discovered those grow opportunities fights were a waste of time.

Of late, however, I realize there are times when we absolutely must engage in conflict. 

I may have backed down many times as I pushed, argued and tried to convince my husband that God exists and Jesus is real. But, through my relentless living of my faith and engaging in conversation when I could, my moments of conflict have impacted my husband and moved him closer to the cross.

I am also convinced I cannot be someone I'm not. I can't pretend I don't know God. I can't stay quiet about my views and I share them with my daughter and I even share my "God moments" with my man. In the early years, he would bristle over any mention of this sort. Today, it's just his life with Lynn. It would disappoint him today if I was not my authentic self with him.

I feel exactly the same. I want his authentic self, warts, snoring and all.

Conflict in marriage is inevitable and it's part of every healthy marriage. So my question. How do we navigate conflict as it relates to our faith? Looking forward to your thoughts and we chat about this again on Monday. Be blessed, Lynn 

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