Weekend Devo — Doggy DNA
God Took Me on a Walk

It's a Belly Flop World

Hi my friends,

  • I don't fit in....
  • I am the keeper of the Belly Flops.....
  • I bet you are a Belly Flop too.

Join me for a fun and poignant story that came from my recent adventures to Sacrament to visit my husband's family.

I am now a contributor to the Internet Cafe, The Marriage Counter. I am delighted to return as a writer at the Cafe. A long, long time ago I wrote articles there and I have missed being part of that amazing team of writers.

Okay, hop over and please, please leave me a comment so we can chuckle together and perhaps too, you can be a Belly Flop. *grin*

Unequally Yoked Belly Flop

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