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I Bet You Didn't Know This

Here is a small factoid I bet you didn't know about Dineen and I (Lynn). 

This blog was launched in May of 2006. Dineen was one of the first readers and she and I became fast friends. Within six months she and I became a team and have been writing and serving Jesus together ever since.

We talk via email, daily. And, I do mean daily. Sometimes more than 10 emails will fly between us. We also chat on the phone several days each week and we pray together over the phone.

We brain storm our ideas and share what the Lord is speaking to us on a given day. We agonize and pray together over the emails that arrive from people who are in crisis in their marriage and we celebrate with those who find healing in their hearts and marriages through the power and love our our Jesus.

We are best friends.

But up until today, Dineen and I have only met face-to-face for less than two minutes.

We connected at a Deeper Still Conference in San Francisco for only two minutes. Other than that we have never spent any significant time in the same room. 

Now think about this. We have written together here at SUM for four years and have even written a book together.

Do you find this fact as uncanny as I do????

Well, think it's just like our Lord to do something this different just so He can display the power of His will in the lives of two ordinary women.

But today, as you read this I am on my way to pick Dineen up from the airport and we are then off to spend time with our Acquisitions Editor, Kim. Kim is awesome and we both have a wonderful friendship with her. 

We will also meet some of the team at Regal Books, our publisher.  

So today Dineen and I are asking all of you our friends, to rejoice over this amazing reunion and to pray for us.

Please ask our Lord Jesus to bless our time together as we are going to plan our first broadcast for The Intentional Marriage, to be aired next Friday. Please pray for safety as we will spend some hours on the LA freeways. Yikes!

Pray we remain humble and only seek to glorify the name of Jesus.

Thank you all of our friends. You can bet your names will be chatted about as we talk about all of our online friendships. We will thank Jesus for you.

Also, I plan to Twitter @LynnDonovan and Facebook (Lynn Donovan) about our adventure. Tune in and see a few photos and follow us as we journey with the Lord to serve His Kingdom.

Be blessed, Lynn

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