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Thankful Thursday -

God Took Me on a Walk

IStock_000006737670XSmall God took me on a most interesting walk yesterday. First, let me preface this with something you might find interesting.

I walk our dog three times a week in the morning to get some exercise, and for a long time, I’ve gone the same two routes. See, up until recently, going new places, whether walking, driving, or flying has cause me some anxiety. Not much but just enough that it keeps me in a comfortable pattern.

Well, you know how God is about those comfortable places. And as I’ve shared since my father’s death, God has had me on a journey of No Fear. So, in the last couple months as I walk our dog, I seem to be drawn toward new detours and directions.

Without fear and anxiety. Amazing!

Yesterday, God seemed to have a plan in mind. As I traversed up a new street, I sensed God’s nudge.

“Go that way.”

Pooch and I changed direction and followed His leading. Now, normally when I walk, I don’t see many people. Yet as we took this new path, I ran into person after person.

First, an older man walking with a cane. Without even thinking about it, I greeted him and smiled. Not normal for this somewhat shy person.

Pooch and I continued on. We passed two to three more people working in their yards. As we passed each one, God nudged me to pray for them. I did as He asked, praying mostly that they knew Jesus.

We took another turn down a street I’d never traveled on and saw a man sweeping his drive. Again, God nudged me to pray. For pain, for hurt, for healing, for renewed strength and faith. Though I knew none of the details, I could sense there was great pain in this man’s life. The Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse of God’s heart for this person.

We went on, and passed yet another man sweeping the sidewalk. I began to pray again, but God said, “He already knows me.”

Another turn took us to a street I recognized, and I knew it was time to head home. I scanned the houses I’d passed so many times before and realized a new perspective—God’s perspective. Each home held people God loved, ached for.

Died for.

I have a feeling my walks won’t ever be the same again. I pray fervently that they aren’t. I like the walks where God’s in the lead. I like his perspective. And I love His heart for us.

Praying and believing,

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