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Fear-Courage Like Lynn and her Chronicles of the Donovan Clan, the Miller Adventures are taking some interesting turns. The latest is a new business venture on my hubby’s part. He’s left the conglomeration of the tech industry to venture out on his own. Yes, a bit risky in today’s economy, but it’s something he’s always wanted to do.

My sweet hubby is looking for the fulfillment he was no longer getting at his job, despite it being an awesome place to work. He would be the first to tell you that. He loved the company, just didn’t want to do that kind of work anymore. After 27 years of doing very similar work, he’s burned out. He wants to be more creative.

This discontent is so reminiscent of what I felt in my own life years ago before I recommitted my life to Christ. I’d even started the process of getting my next degree at art college. But God had other plans for me. The rest is history.

So the next year will be a new adventure. As I’m already self-employed, we both will now be working from home, spending more time together, and venturing out into new territories both professional and relationally. (Our offices are just feet away from each other.)

I believe this is part of what God is doing in my husband’s life. In our lives. What the future hold, I have no idea. What I do know is that I’m excited to see where all this goes. I trust God to carry us through whatever comes, good or bad. He’s already proven His faithfulness over and over again to my family over the last few years of intense trials.

One thing I find most interesting is that God is calling me to pray for my husband as if her were a believer. I am amazed at how that strengthens my own faith and belief that God can do anything.

God is in control and I am content. And my hubby isn’t the only one God is working on. I believe the way I am able to love my husband right now is Christ working directly in and through me during this critical time in my husband’s journey. I know it’s not me. I’m not capable of that kind of love.

With God we can do anything He calls us to do. He is our strength and our courage. Through us, God can accomplish great things, and He let’s us be a part of the adventure!

So what’s my new motto? NO FEAR!

Praying and believing,


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