Thankful Thursday - Another Adventure... can you believe it???
Weekend Devo—Words of Praise

Christ is Unexpected

Tuesday I shared a story with you which as I still ponder it now, seems..... what's the word I'm searching for.



Yes, unexpected.

I have been traveling this road with Jesus now for a long while and yet I'm still surprised by Him. He seldom answers my prayers in the manner I expect. I think He's that way on purpose. He wants me to experience Him orchestrating the astonishing to make sure I am paying attention but mostly to teach me to shout His glory to anyone and everyone who will listen.

I love that about Him.

Well, Tuesday I shared the unexpected salvation story of the least likely woman in my husband's unbelieving family. But what happened next further surprised and delighted. (read it here)

I mentioned in my story Tuesday that my husband's mother is approaching the mid-stage of Alzheimer's. She has her good days and her bad ones when it comes to her memory. Most of the weekend the house was crowded with people and my mother-in-law remained quiet. I don't think she expressed much emotion nor memory with all the coming and goings on in the house.

Also on Tuesday I shared with you how I have grieved over my MIL's unsaved heart and now it appears her Alzheimer's may hold her cognitive mind and soul captive. She may be unable to receive the truth. I sat with my sister-in-law last Friday and shared my emotions over this and she looked at me and said, "Lynn, her heart is like that of a two year old right now. It's the perfect time to share Jesus with her."

Her words resonated within me. Perhaps it isn't too late.

Sunday morning arrived and we were leaving later in the afternoon to return home. Everyone was gone with the exception of my husband, daughter and I. My mother-in-law woke and sat in her chair and something was different about her.

She was clear.

She used my name and laughed at a joke I told her about something we used to share. 

She remembered.

It was if all heaven worked to cleared her mind and I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me...


I wanted to get her alone, away from everyone so she could listen and not be interrupted. And it was weird. Out of nowhere, my father-in-law shows up. Next my husband, then my daughter. It was if a war was playing out and I couldn't get her alone to talk.

However, I am a persistent blonde. 

Finally, I got mom-in-law out on the patio. I shut the door so perhaps the family would get the hint and asked my daughter to leave us outside alone.

I started just chatting with her and she was clear minded with her memory. I asked her if we could pray. She said yes. Then I asked, "Do you know who Jesus is?"

"He's the son of God."

Oh sweet words to my heart. 

I then asked her if we could pray. And we prayed. Now this prayer was a little different as I didn't ask her to repeat my words. I was afraid she would get hung up in the repeating and become frustrated and give up. I gently reached out and I held her hands and we prayed to Jesus and asked His hand over her life.

I never dreamed this moment would come. I am so utterly thankful it did. I have done all that I can to serve the Lord Jesus and I have stood in the gap for this family. 

It has been a humble privilege to do so.

God has answered my prayers and heard my words of deep and real grief I have had in my soul for this woman. How amazing that He allowed me to pray with her. 

I have peace now. 

One day when I get to heaven, these two women will greet me. In that moment nothing else will matter. Nothing will matter ever expect Christ glorified. All my hurt over my unequally yoked marriage won't matter. My unhappiness, my life on this earth will not matter..... I count it all but lost for the sake of Jesus.

Philippians 3:8 What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ.

I think for the first time I truly perceive the power of this passage.

I get it Jesus. I get it.

I give you all honor and glory and power and worship. It is all for you. Your humble servant, Lynn

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