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Thankful Thursday

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

This month we are meeting with Laurie at Women Taking A Stand and then in June we will share our thanks over at Iris of Grace Alone. Back here in July.

Well my schedule has slowed a tiny bit and this past week I was able to spend some time in my garden. Wow, things are growing. It is a delight for me to walk through it everyday and watch as God's creation changes before my eyes.

I am thankful for my garden. lettuce, red potatoes, gold potatoes, corn, zucchini, pumpkins, peppers (all sorts) tomatoes (yum, salsa), herbs, sunflowers (seeds). All of it in a small patch of earth. Yipee!

Imported Photos 00034
Imported Photos 00033   

Romaine (above) and tomato blossoms. 

Imported Photos 00035  

Corn... It's looking like it will be knee high by 4th of July. (who made this saying up anyway????)

Imported Photos 00037

Oh, and that is Doo Doo below in the last photo. He's a hoot! He guards my potatoes. Not doing a very good job of it either as the horn worms are having a field day.

Happy TT. What are you giving thanks for this week? Be blessed, Lynn

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