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Thankful Thursday

Show Me Your Glory, Lord

Catch_the_light As we’ve explored our theme Friendship with God this month, I keep hearing God’s quiet voice saying, “Seek me above all else.”

Then that great Third Day song, asking God to “show me your glory” has gone through my head nonstop.

Show me your glory, Lord.

Moses asked God to show him His glory is Exodus 33. So great was God’s glory that Moses was only able to see God’s back as He passed over the cleft Moses hid in with God’s hand over him for protection. To see more would have meant death.

Yet Moses asked. He wanted more than just a pleasant relationship with God. He wanted to KNOW God.

When we ask God to show us His glory, we’re asking Him to invite us into His presence in the most intimate of ways. Worship and confession are key parts to what enables us to be in His presence, but asking to see God’s glory comes from our deepest need and recognition that we can’t live without God. He is our center and driving force. He is our life and breath.

Show me your glory, Lord.

To want to know God is to desire nothing more. The more we learn, the more we hunger to know. We realize how very little we understand about this omniscient God who despite his vastness can be so personal and real.

The story of Moses’ request, and the examples of Abraham and David give a clear view of the relationship God desires to have with us despite our imperfections. His only requirement is that we seek Him with all our hearts. Not just to please Him but also out of His great desire that we know His true being, “I am.” Our desire to be known comes straight from God.

Show me your glory, Lord.

Seeking God and His glory isn’t about us. And yet it is. It starts as the smallest seed that bursts forth with the first taste of nourishment and hungers for more. We break through the soil of our sin and bask in the light our Creator, reaching upward in praise and desire to know the Source. Without His light, we wither and die. Within it, we flourish and become the most precious of flowers, designed to reflect His love and attention to detail.

In the presence of His glory we are flooded with pure joy and completeness that we are exactly where we’re meant to be. Then we are truly His. Then we are truly God’s friend.

Praying and believing,
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