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Pray for the Healing of our Lands and Waters

There is still a hole in the Earth, crude oil is still spewing from it and there is still, excruciatingly, no end in sight. --- Today's Headline; May 30, 2010. 

In the past, several days the Lord has crush my soul with concern over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Although I live on the Pacific coast, my heart is broken over what is happening to our beautiful earth. My heart is broken for the people of the coast and the pristine coastlands and marshlands that will never be the same. 

I have been praying for the well to be capped and yet it remains flowing at this very hour. As I talked with Jesus about this disaster, I imagined what he is seeing from His view in heaven. The pictures grieve my spirit. 


Oil spill


Today, I am leaving our topic of marriage and I implore to pray. If you stopped by here today, it wasn't by chance. There is a battle raging for our beautiful planet, the amazing earth God gave us to steward. We need to pray as a people for the Lord, Almighty to move now and seal that well. We must pray for the protection of the animals the fish and the people who are living in the wake of this disaster. 

Please take one minute and pray. Pray these words aloud and implore our Lord to turn this terrible disaster, which we created away from us. 

Be blessed, Lynn 

 Lord God, Our Father In Heaven

We as a people, who are called by your name, we humble ourselves and pray seeking your face. Lord, we pray this nation, this world will turn from our wicked ways and we know you will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sin and will heal our land and waters. Lord, we are clueless about the repercussions that we will endure in the years ahead. Our children's children will be dealing with this mess and it will affect our entire world. 

We grieve over the animals in harm's way and the livelihoods that are lost. We pray your hand of mercy to stretch out and cover with both protection and provision. Lord, show us in the days ahead exactly how to pray and what we are to do that will bring about the capping of the well and an end to the flow. 

Jesus, out of this great disaster reveal to us clearly what you want us to learn. Keep mankind from ever letting this happen in the future. Finally, may the entire world see your hand in our rescue and may your name be honored above all else. 

We love you Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

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