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Lynn is taking a much needed vacation this week to spend time with her mom. So I get to pop in a post on something off topic (we'll go back to our series about friendship with God tomorrow). But it's something I think we need to start talking about here at S.U.M.

1279418_shadow Numerous times past week I've come across references to how the church is failing men. We have it down pat (for the most part) for women and establishing the need for encouragement, but our men are more quickly told how they are failing and not supported. I wonder if this is the reason for why statistically men who come to faith later in life wind up falling away. A high percentage do this.

Are we emasculating our men? I know early on in my marriage I think I did this especially after our first daughter was born. I was more concerned with things being done my way than letting him be a dad his way. Then I complained that he didn't do enough to help. Now I understand that was my doing. I never gave him the freedom to try and not worry about messing up.

Now God is moving this wonderful man in my life into the role of leader and big changes that will require me to trust him and God like I never have before. But I'm finding I'm glad to do this, to come along side my husband and offer him the support and freedom to spread his wings without the fear of judgment.

I know we ache and yearn so much for our spouses to be saved but sometimes the best thing we can do for them is just get out of the way. I know right now God is calling me to stand by my man in quiet strength and support. Not in front of him, not behind him. Right next to him, to walk as a friend, an encourager, as his helper.

I know some days won't be easy and the enemy will try to sabotage me. I know others will think what we're about to do is crazy considering the economy. But what I KNOW more is that this is where God wants me.

Something new is definitely happening in the Miller household. The discontent I've watched grow in my husband's life seems to be reaching full bloom. And I must believe God is at the center of it, answering years of prayer. How can I believe otherwise and profess to believe God can do anything? 

And how can I offer my husband anything less than the freedom to become what God created him to be?

Praying and believing,
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