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360179_face_-_think_about_it In yesterday's post, Lynn answered Cindi's great question about what our husbands think of what we're doing here on the blog and the S.U.M. ministry. Scroll down to read Lynn's awesome answer. I thought I should answer Cindi's question as well.

Like Lynn, I too have been amazed at the ease in which my husband has accepted our ministry and supported me. I've been up front with him on all of it and even at times sought his approval, especially for our upcoming book. I could not do anything that would dishonor him in any way. So, I can merely say that in that gap where we wonder how it's possible, that's where the Holy Spirit is working in amazing ways.

I completely understand Cindi's struggle to share her faith and position with her husband. I struggle with that, too. But I've found repeatedly that when God is in control and I am following his will, things move in amazing directions. I'm not saying it takes all the conflict and difficulty out of it, by no means. What I hope I'm making somewhat clear is that God uses every bit of it according to his plan for our spouses. He redeems it all. So amazing...

I will say that my husband has never liked the "unequal" part. So I've been sensitive to that and use spiritually mismatched. The key is making sure our husbands understand that we love them no less despite the fact that they don't share our faith. This is unconditional love. And what I'm coming to understand in the big picture about that kind of love is that it's not just about loving them as they are with complete acceptance, it's also seeing the potential of God's work within them in the light that our spouses are so dearly love by God as well.

I recently read this verse:
(and for this we labor and strive), that we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe. — 1 Timothy 4:10

I love the part that says God is the Savior of ALL MEN. We have such great promise in our God, and we can see and look for that potential in our unsaved spouses. :-)

Let me also say that I adore my husband even more at this point in our journey. To see this man as excited as I am about our book and his ongoing support speaks volumes of his love for me and God's power. I could not do any of this without our great God, nor could I do it without my husband's encouragement and support.

Will he ever read the book? Not in the near future. Nor does he read this blog, though I've invited him to. He too keeps a distance from this part of my life, but I have faith that God is working in my sweet hubby, and I know God is blessing and protecting our marriage. I'm content to leave the future in God's hands.

Let me also commend Cindi in her commitment to lead a group of unequally yoked women in her church. I'm sure her efforts to reach out and help other women find that they too can thrive in their spiritually mismatched marriages will bless and free many. That's what it's all about, helping each other. And that's why Lynn and I are here. :-)

Praying and believing,

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