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This Was Hard, But it Changed My Entire Perspective Forever

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Last week, Jim Norman of Wise People interviewed Lynn. This week is my turn. Special thanks to Jim for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share the amazing hope we have in Jesus, God's wild hope! And for knowing how to handle a shaky interviewee. Boy, was I nervous!

God is so amazing and we give Him all the glory for this journey He's set us on. He not only showed us how to thrive in our spiritually mismatched marriages, but is allowing us to share that message with others. I'm praying for those listeners who have lost hope, that God would reveal Himself and love all over them! We are never without hope in Jesus!

We pray these messages encourage and strengthen you in Christ!

Wise People Interview, Dineen Miller

Praying and believing,


In case you missed Lynn's...

Wise People Interview, Lynn Donovan

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