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Marriage Monday Praying for Salvation

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Lord, Almighty, I approach your throne with Jesus at my side. Lord, I bring with me my heart's yearning, my husband, Lord. I am humbled to come before you. 

Please conquer me and rule over every part of my life. Let all I do and say reflect Jesus and bring honor to Your name. Father, I bring my husband seeking your hand upon his life. I ask that the words of Romans 10:10 become real and living for my husband: 

Romans 10:10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 

I ask that I would pray consistently and with conviction your purpose to save my husband and prepare him for eternity with You. I ask you would place men in front of him at work who know you and can reveal truth to my man. Relentlessly pursue my husband with thoughts about you. Give him a curiosity about your Word that he picks up your Bible and reads.Prayinghands  

I also put satan on notice that his claim on my husband is over. That Jesus holds the keys to hell and has suffered and died and rose to life for the salvation of his soul. I bind the enemy and ask you expose every lie every spoken to my husband. I ask you would open my husband's spiritual eyes to see Your truth and let that truth penetrate his heart and mind.

Lord, I humbly ask that you teach me to be a good wife, a woman of character and of righteousness. Father, let me live out my faith authentically and with so much love my husband finds it irresistible. Lord, protect our marriage from all temptation as the enemy would dearly love to destroy it. Protect our children and help us to model love and commitment and Godliness to them.

Lord, thank you for your presence in our lives. Thank you for your abundant and ever-present love. I worship you. I adore you. Jesus, you are the reason I love and breathe. In Your powerful and life-changing name, Amen.

Join us for Marriage Monday at Chrysalis today. Be blessed, Lynn

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