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Tough Love (i.e. Sacrificial Love)

What do you Struggle With in your "Uniquely" Yoked Marriage?

Hi Everybody, Wondering if y’all could help me again…. You were awesome a week ago when you shared your thoughts in this post. I heart you! 

Gold silver bands  I am thinking I have never written down the unique struggles that unequally yoked spouses face. So, I thought I would ask. This may be a tough assignment because many spiritual struggles manifest themselves in many ways in a marriage relationship. But, tell me what you think is a unique marriage struggle that is specific to your faith and your spouse’s unbelief. 

This is what comes to my mind off the bat.

  • Attending church alone. 
  • Organized churches rarely provide support or teaching specific to our unique marriages. 
  • Social events (list some specifics for me on this one) such as attending a church event and what it’s like when you go with your spouse to a social event such as a Superbowl party where no one is a believer. 
  • Language (cussing and or expression)  
  • What about media choices???? 

Okay, let’s hear your thoughts on this and be real. 

We 'll take a look at some of these issues in the future and some awesome scripture the Lord has placed heavily on my mind of late. 

THANK YOU so very much for making SUM a place where we each help one another grow closer to Jesus and to honor Him through our marriages. I love you so very much. 

Be blessed, Lynn 

PS. I’m waiting for the Lord to lead me about our next series. Until He directs, watch for some randomness around here. *grin*….. and randomness can sometimes be really great. 

Have a great week. Write me if you need prayer covering. Hugs, Lynn

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