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Why is it always me?

Thankful Thursday - The Holy Word of God

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

We are meeting for the month of February with Iris of Grace Alone and in March we will be at Laurie's place, Women Taking A Stand. Find Thankful Thursday back here in April.

One of my passions is leading a small group of women in Bible study. I have led a bazillion Beth Moore small groups. Love our amazing Beth Moore. Also, last fall I led two groups through The Love Dare, Lies Women Believe, and several others over the years. 

To sit among 10 other gals and discover together the truths of living life with joy and abundance through the study of God's word, is one of the blessings of being a child in the Kingdom of God.

Today I am leading a group of women who are the leaders of my home church women's ministry retreat team. I feel inadequate but completely excited. We are using a relatively old study, The Celebration of Discipline. Sounds like an oxymoron, celebration and discipline in the same sentence, but I can't wait.

It will be a privilege to lead our group on the discipline of Meditation. Meditating on God's Word coupled with prayer tipped my world upside down, spun me sideways and left me breathless. It changed me forever and it was GOOD! It was life-changing!!

Can I get an AMEN?

Today I have the chance to share how our great God used His powerful word to change an ordinary gal like me. It is my hope that each of the women there will discover a fresh enthusiasm for the study, reflection, and the power available in the Holy Word of God.

For this profound privilege, I am deeply thankful. Thank you Jesus, I love you. 

Happy TT. Looking forward to reading about your week. Hugs, Lynn

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