Thankful Thursday - Great News!
Hallmark Holiday

How do you stay connected?

Greetings this Festive Friday Everyone: Well I understand many of you are blanketed in snow up to your eyebrows. Burrrr

Look at this amazing photo taken just outside of Washington DC on Thursday morning by a work colleague of my husbands. 

I am inspired to praise God for His majesty! Awesome!


Sigh, so pretty.

Okay, this is is where I get to share with you today is a brilliant, sunny day here in Southern California. Not a cloud in the sky and gentle breezes are brushing the palm trees here in my small town. The high is expected to be 70 degrees and near 80 on Saturday. 

So, all of you who need to get out of the cold, come on over and just ignore any earthquakes. *grin*

Now I need your help once again…. Or, should I say just like always. I am writing about the importance of staying connected to our unbelieving spouses. This can be a daunting challenge when we feel some of our needs are not met. Specifically, I am speaking to the dynamics where we have faith, our spouse doesn’t want to deal with that part of our lives, that part of us. 

In spite of this very common fact in a spiritually mismatched marriage, it is imperative that we, the unbelieving spouse, put forth the effort to fill our marriage with love and grace. I am thinking about the scripture, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and unconditional love. 

With that said, what do you do to stay connected with your spouse and share unconditional love? I can think of a few examples in my life such as sending him a text message or an email. A random and likely zany, I’m-thinking-about-you message during his workday. I am also intentional about spicing up the bedroom from time-to-time. 

Okay, all of you have been so open and honest and vulnerable in your answers in the past. This subject can be difficult to chat about but, you haven’t let me down yet. I know you won’t now. So, please share with me your thoughts. 

PS. Is Valentine’s Day a difficult “holiday” for you? Stop in tomorrow for a few words of encouragement. Hugs, Lynn699d6valentine 

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