Those Pesky Elephants
Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!

Word From God ~ by: Rosheeda Lee

Okay. Now that we've gotten rid of those pesky elephants, I'd like to take a page from Dineen's previous post. 

Today is so easy, really. 

Just spend time with the Lord. Ask Him to give you directions for your week and for your year. Ask Him to share His heart with you personally and in the most intimate of ways. 

And ask Him to give you a word of your own to meditate on this coming week and year. And when He answers, ask Him to share with you the things that are important to Him about the word He's given you. 

I don't know about you guys, but I know I've been in desperate need of a fresh word from Him. 

I did this same thing yesterday and was pretty excited for what's ahead. 

What about you? 

Share your words with us and the thoughts & meditations the Holy Spirit gives to you. 

See you tomorrow. Can't wait to see what you receive! 


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