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We're Being Called Out

As I was praying and reading this morning, the Lord sent me to Ezekiel 16:15-63. The more I read, the more I wondered what God was showing me. As I finished the chapter, He made it plain that we need to repent. This chapter was all about harlotry and idols. The specific word that was impressed on my heart is this: "My people have given themselves away, to everyone and everything but Me. I will not strive with them forever. It is time to turn from the idols they have exalted above Me. They have been as an adulterous wife to Me, but My heart is tender for them. If they will repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will restore them and show them many things." 

The Holy Spirit also laid it on my heart that today be spent in self-analysis and that we ask Him to reveal to us the habits in our lives that give satan access to us. Whether it be eating, drinking, profanity, pornography, television, telephones, alcohol, lying... The list is endless. Whatever they might be, the first order of the day is to acknowledge them and repent - and meditate on the above word. 

 Today's focus: Pray over your word and your spouse's word. Ask the Lord to show you how the two fit together. Talk to Him about the year ahead, for your relationship. 

And the second is this: ask God for a heart-song. Doesn't matter if you are a great vocalist or if you only sing alone, in the shower, where no-one can hear you. Ask God to give you the words He most desires to hear from you in the form of a song. And then sing. Sing to Him as often as your heart's song comes to your mind and your lips. 

I encourage you to really allow God full access for the remainder of the week. One thing He just keeps impressing on me is that He really isn't interested in a list of demands, disguised as requests. He is, however, interested in giving us Himself. He wants an intimate relationship with us. That's what this is all about. Let your walls down and allow yourself to experience God on His terms and His terms alone. 

Don't forget to share. The encouragement would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure. 

I'll be checkin' in soon! 


Lord God, we come humbly before Your throne. Jesus we are not worthy to be called your people, but You love us in spite of our shortcomings. We come before you oh Lord, willing to be broken. Show us ourselves. Show us the things in us that we have allowed to usurp Your throne. And Father, as they are revealed to us, allow us to repent and those idols to be destroyed in our hearts and our lives. We praise you oh God for who You are. We are choosing right now to seek You just for You. We lay aside our lists and we instead accept the offer of Your heart. And God, we offer ours in return. We don't have much, but all that we can give, we are saying right now in this moment that it belongs to You. Give us clean hearts, oh Lord, that we might worship You. Forgive us our whoredoms and bestow upon us the grace to be faithful to a most faithful God. We love you Lord and we worship You alone. In Jesus' Holy, Matchless, Wonderful Name, Amen.

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