Word From God ~ by: Rosheeda Lee
All You Need To Do Is Ask

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!

This is it, guys! The start of a new intimacy with God. 

I don't know about you, but I'm excited - and so ready to learn all that God wants to share with me. 

Today will be two-fold. First, spend time focused on your personal needs. The things in your life that you want to see God work in, talk with Him about that. Remember that prayer is a conversation with God. It goes two ways. Take as much time to listen, as you do to speak. Make note of what He reveals. Promises? Write them down. Spiritual truth? Write it all down. Trust me, you will want to go back and look at it before 2010 is over. I know that all that was revealed to me during this time last year came back to my heart toward the end of the year - when I needed to be reminded the most of His word to me.  A

And the second thing: pray specifically over the strongholds in your spouse's life. Be bold. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you. Ask the Lord to give you a scripture specifically for them and turn them into a prayer. Insert your spouse's name and give God's own word back to Him for your spouse. Ask God to show you how to love them beyond their faults and flaws and to show you the battles you should face head on versus the ones you should walk away from and lay totally at His feet, to be dealt with in His time. 

Know that Satan will try to distract you. He will try to frustrate you and unsettle you and discourage you. That is the time you need to press into the Father and seek Him with your all. It will be worth the sacrifice. 

Have a beautiful day. I'll be checking in soon. 

Thank you Lord for who you are. As we begin our fast, we ask You to speak to us clearly and often. Reveal Yourself to us in uncommon, unexpected, wonderful, fresh new ways. Restore our souls, and renew our spirits as we step into the ring to take our lives back and rebuild our relationships with You. We love You. We seek You alone. You are our Master, our King, our Everything. All our hearts, and in Jesus' beautiful name. 



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