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It's NOT About Me. Unanswered Prayer

It’s a rainy Thursday afternoon. I just sat down to pray and write about unanswered prayers. I have to say that Dineen summed up this subject in a brilliant post on Tuesday. Scroll down to read it. It is awesome. 

I wonder if you are like me, we ask, “Lord, what is it that we need to know about praying. Can you help us understand why we pray according to your word and your will, with wholehearted faith, and yet we still wait to see the fruit of those prayers?” 

In my gut I have wondered how the Bible tells us to pray in faith believing like a mustard seed and still prayers for my husband’s salvation went unanswered. Am I not praying right? Is my faith shallow? Is God angry with me so He won’t listen? 

Okay, tell me I’m not alone here. 

Each time I ask the Lord about this very issue, I keep getting the same response. “Lynn, it’s not about you.” 


Oh how I always want to make everything about me. 

My life would be so much easier if he would just come to faith. 

We could sit together in church so I don’t have to sit alone. 

If he believed I could give more money to church. 

Once he is saved then I don’t have to always be the spiritual leader. 

Whew, can you see the word “I” in each of these statements. I will admit that for many years I may have secretly hoped for my husband’s salvation just because it would make my life more convenient. 

Well, I will tell you a truth. God isn’t concerned with my comfort. He is concerned with my heart and for that matter, my husband’s heart as well. 

The Lord will work every conceivable angle of circumstances to bring our spouse to faith. And we as believing wives and husbands are key players in this drama. We are to model, live out, our faith with authenticity. We are to fight the spiritual battles through prayer and fasting. 

However, in matters of salvation we each make a decision to believe or not to believe. I cannot choose for my husband nor for my daughter or the neighbor across the street. 

When you boil everything down, what is left is a man, his free will and God. That man must choose for himself. Nothing you do, no amount of praying, will make that choice for him. 

It is NOT about me. I have watched this truth play out in my very own life and the salvation journey of my husband. God brought about the circumstances to change my husband, I was privileged to stand by the way side and pray protection over him. 

I have watched this play out many times when it comes to prodigal adults. A mother’s prayers are powerful but until that child decides for himself to follow Christ, our prayers can seem to be going unanswered. In both of these scenarios, I have watched as an individual battles it out with God. Our prayers on the periphery bear significance but there are times it comes down to an individual’s free will to choose.

It’s not about me. But it is about me in that my only place is to pray in support of God’s will. This seems hard to accept. I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject. 

Happy Friday. I will stop back to join the conversation in the comments. Be blessed, Lynn


Share your voice, heart and love in the comments. 

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