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Another Beginning It's Scary, Passionate and all about Jesus. Gotta Read this one!

Hi Lynn and Dineen here! 

We have a story to tell you. And as always then we need your help. 

Many of you who have joined us on this strange and unexpected journey of unequallyokedome, may not know how Spiritually Unequal Marriage was started. So, today we want to tell you about the beginning. 

This blog began May, 1, 2006 after I (Lynn) attended a writer’s conference. It was the last day of the conference, the last lunch, my bags were packed and following lunch I was heading to the airport to return home. 

Well during this lunch, I sat down with several young women who were all talking about their blogs. They all blogged. I barely knew what a blog was and thought only teenagers blogged. But these women were discussing how it is part of their ministry and writing for the Lord. 

As I sat listening, they tried to explain this strange new world and all of a sudden, I heard the Lord speak directly and clearly to my heart. “Lynn, you are going to do this… You are going to do this…” I started repeating, “I’m going to do this, yes, I’m going to do this” 

I came home and Spiritually Unequal Marriage was born. 

I hit publish on my first post and prayed this blog would be a hopeful resource for others, like me, who struggled with their unequally yoked marriage. Over the years prior, God healed me, my marriage, and I learned to live with joy. The Lord told me to share the hope and encourage others. 

I stepped out in total FAITH. I didn’t have a clue. 

 Here is my first post: 

This website is dedicated to our Lord and to men and women who live every day in a spiritually mismatched marriage. It is my prayer that this forum will be the place where Christians can find support, encouragement, and practical resources to thrive in their unequal marriage. I pray that when you visit this site you will be inspired and offer your own insights into God’s design for a healthy marriage in the midst of different viewpoints. 

This is still how I feel today and it’s how Dineen feels as well. 

Amazingly, as this was happening, God put the idea about a blog for the unequally yoked on Dineen’s heart, and led her to me, and we became partners. She completes me. She began writing here within months. 

Our mission is very simple: To serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to honor Him with our words. And, to do all we can to give others help, hope, encouragement and healing in their lives and marriages. 

It is our passion with our entire heart. 

Well God has done such amazing things and you, our friends, who come here to read and share your lives, have helped so many others and especially us. We are all together serving the Lord through this online community. 

So, today the Lord has asked us to take our passion to others who haven’t found us on the internet. This week Dineen and I began working on a book, Wild Hope, a discussion of ten Christ-centered principles to help a woman thrive in a spiritually mismatched marriage(working title). We are thrilled to work with Regal Publishing and our awesome Editor, Kim. (Thanks again Kim for serving the Lord and allowing us to get our message of hope out to others). 

So, we can’t do this without YOU!!! We are gonna need your ideas, your suggestions, your prayers and input, just like we always need you. We must have the manuscript finished quickly, in less than 90 days from today. Please pray for the Lord to grace us with His amazing words, that the work we do will change the lives of those seeking help. The book is slated for a release in January of next year. 

Today, we specifically need your help with chapter two. Can you please share with us some of the crazy, zany, stupid, waste of time, efforts you undertook to save your husband? You know how we always try to save our men. As if Jesus needs our help anyway. *Sheesh* 

I will tell you one of my zany periods of “saving my man for Jesus.” I left 3X5 cards around the house covered with scripture in hopes my man would read them and suddenly see the light. It didn’t work. In fact, it probably annoyed him and it annoyed me more that he didn’t read them. 

Okay, so share what silly things you did which may have been a hindrance to your husband’s faith journey. 

Thank you sooooo much, from the bottom of our hearts, for allowing us to be part of your lives. We love you and look forward to how the Lord will move in your marriage in 2010. 

Praying and believing, Dineen and Be blessed, Lynn

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