Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!
We're Being Called Out

All You Need To Do Is Ask

We have not because we ask not. 

How many times have we needed God but have been too stubborn to open our mouths and just say so? How many crazy situations have we found ourselves in, only to discover that if we had just spoken up and been honest about our need of help or support or comfort or whatever-it-is-you-needed-at-the-time, we wouldn't have been left to muddle our way through it? 

I know. Too many times to count, right? 

My man... He is so amazing. But his pride. Man. His pride stands in the way of so many things. The most intimate needs of his heart - the ones I know he wants me to meet - I can't meet them yet. Because he hasn't invited me to... 

As I sat and prayed over him and us this morning, I found myself saying, "Lord, there is so much more of me I want to give to him, so much more I want him to experience with me, but I can't give it to him until he desires it. I can't give it until he WANTS it. If he would just let me in, he'd find so much more than just what he assumes it to be... He has not because he asks not." 

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. We don't have more from God in the way of intimate relationship because we don't invite Him into our lives in that way. We don't experience Him as fully as we can, just because we won't be humble enough to ask... And as I sat and thought about that revelation, the Holy Spirit spoke this clearly to my heart: “Learn to be honest about your need of Me. Do not allow pride to reign and keep you from true intimacy with Me." 

Start this day by admitting your need to intimately know God. Just ask. 

Now, on to the daily focus. First pray over the men in your life; husbands, sons, fathers, brothers, co-workers, whoever. If they are male and they are part of your life, pray over them. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with the right words and simply call them by name and however He leads. 

The second is this: Remember that verse you asked God for yesterday for your spouse? Ask Him for another one and do the same thing. Make it a prayer. And then pray both verses over them. Also, as you pray over your spouse, ask God to give you a word for THEM for the year. Write it down and allow the Father to speak to your heart what the word means in His eyes for your spouse; then take some time to pray over them based on that word. Ask for supernatural insight regarding your spouse. Ask Him to show you how to intercede for them today. 

Lord we need You. We come before you right now asking You to speak to us. Share Your secrets. We are hungry to know You better. Clear all the outside noise Father so that we might enter into the holy of holies. We want to honor You. Not our wills, but Your will. Not our words, but Your word. Not our thoughts, but Your thoughts. And not our ways, but Your ways. We trust You and we love You. In Jesus' life-changing name. Amen. 

I'll be back! 


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