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Thankful Thursday - Random

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

This month we will meet at Grace Alone. December we will return to Women Taking A Stand. 

My heart feels like it could burst right out of my chest with joy. Joy placed there by dwelling with the Lord Jesus Christ. His displays of love and favor overwhelm me. Here are a few things for which I am earnestly thankful.

  • Men and women who serve or served in our Military. Thank you.
  • God's Holy Word. The transforming, anchoring power of speaking God's word in prayer.
  • Psalm 91
  • Psalm 119
  • Especially Psalm 37:4
  • My husband
  • My daughter's first performance in her first school play. It was fantastic. She's turned out to be a neat kid despite my zany influence *grin*.
  • Thanksgiving in Colorado with my Mom. ~Mom and Kayla, I can't wait!
  • One year ago on Tuesday, was the day my husband was given notice he would lose his job. One year later, we are living better than we could ever expected. I am changed. My husband is a new man (more about that later), I appreciate the gifts of God more than ever. Our bills are paid. I don't know how God does it but month after month, I just trust Him.

I am so thankful to have friends who stop in and care about our lives. I love you deeply and care with all that I am about your life, your family and your heart. I can't wait to read your thankful list. Be blessed, Lynn

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