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Thankful Thursday - Trials

Let us give thanks. It is Thankful Thursday.

This month we will meet at Grace Alone. December we will return to Women Taking A Stand. 

Iris, great thoughts this Thankful Thursday. Trials.

Well, I find it interesting that Iris was thinking about trials.

I will share something with you. For the past several (several) years each November, I experienced excruciating personal trials. In fact, last year at precisely this time, my husband was told he was going to lose his job. The year before, another devastating personal health problem knocked upon my door. Why November? Why every year?

Well, I sat down last year with a wise woman whom I trusted. She is mature and knows the Lord. I asked her, “Why does this happen each November. Why is the Lord putting me through these trials every year at the same time of the year?”

She answered in her wise fashion, “Lynn, you may not know why but perhaps you need to pray about these trials in a different manner.”


“Lynn, instead of asking God to keep you from these trials, perhaps you need to ask Him to prepare you to face these trials with Him at your side.”


I hadn’t thought about this. The light bulb clicked on.

So during October I prayed differently.

I don’t know what the month of November will bring. But, I am prayed up and I can face what may come. Although this month, I am feeling in my spirit not trials but


Healed and whole in the name of Jesus.

Salvation for many in the name of Jesus.

Rich growth in the faith in the name of Jesus.

What a difference a year makes. What a difference the Lord makes. What a difference prayer makes.

Be blessed, Lynn

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