Weekend Devo — Thanksgiving Offering
Chronicles of the Donovan Clan - It's Time

She's Gonna' Freak Out!

“Okay God, I will do it but she is going to FREAK OUT!” Sniff, sniff, waaaaaaah…. Where’s the Klennex. WAAAAAAAAH!Kleenex

I found myself kneeling at the front of the church following Lisa Shaw’s powerful teaching and altar call at the Blogger’s Retreat last month.


This is a true story of redemption, restoration and thankful hearts. I still can't believe it and it happened to me.

Find the rest of the story over at Laced With Grace. She's Gonna Freak Out!

Also, on our Facebook page we are giving away a spankin' brand new copy of, The Love Dare. Hop over there and leave a comment to enter.

Dineen and I are signing off through the Thanksgiving weekend. We will see you here again on November 30th for another powerful post on Praying God's word. Or even a Donovan Clan update.

Dineen and I are deeply thankful you allow us to come into your home and share the hope we have in Jesus for fulfilling, happy marriages and joyful living. Thank you and God bless, Lynn

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