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I want to share a story with you. About four weeks ago my relationship with Christ was so on fire that I thought there were times when I was praying or singing worships song that I might explode from the sheer joy I felt.

I have heard of the joy of God flowing upon a person in such powerful waves they begged God to stop for fear they could bear no more. (I have much to share about this next Friday… You won’t want to miss it, stay tuned.)

Most days I feel the Lord is present, around me listening to my constant chatter. I never stop talking/praying with Him…. Sheesh! I bet He wishes I would take a break! *kiddin’*

But these few days were unique. The closeness the…., let’s see if I can describe what it was like, the intimacy and joy and contentment and happiness and the walking on pillows on clouds on air… doesn’t begin to describe this place but it was unique and I never want to live without what I would call……BLISS!

That’s it…… Absolute bliss.

This happened around the same time as my writer’s conference where the main speaker asked, What is your bliss. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

One afternoon as I was going about my normal routine, I made a quick decision and I sinned. Just a tiny, little sin. I didn’t feel bad or even think about my choice at the time. However, several hours later, as life slowed down and I sat on the couch, I noticed something. The vibrant and head spinning joy in which I was dwelling had significantly cooled.

Whoa! What happened. I wanted that joy back. As I sat there pondering, talking, praying, immediately this tiny decision I made earlier came back to me. Immediately, God impressed on me this, “I don’t ever want you to do that again.”

Does this sound harsh? Don’t we serve a forgiving God? He knows we are all sinners and imperfect.

Yes, but for me specifically this day, God had chosen to dwell deeply with me and then I grieved Him. I know there is a scripture verse for this. Who knows it?

I grieved the Holy Spirit because I had a sin in my life I continue keep around. This isn’t the first time the Lord brought this particular sin to my attention.

Why am I sharing this story? Because part of the transformation into Christ likeness is allowing Him to remove our sin. God desperately wants to live in deep intimacy with us. Every mundane moment and the fantastic times as well. Everything –

What is it that is keeping you from …. Bliss? Sometimes it is sin in our life. Sometimes it is something else like trust and faith. Sometimes it is just allowing the Lord to love us fully. Sometimes it’s because we threw God off the throne of our heart and sat down in His place.

Truly it is actually simple to live in the bliss of the presence of God. Christ on the throne, every day. Transforming our mind and heart by dwelling on what whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (Philippians 4:8)

I know that many of your were called early on in this journey to deal with exactly this subject of sin in your life. Many of you have written to say God did some amazing work in your character and heart. So, today as we approach the last week of our journey, take out your journal. Ask the Lord to reveal His bliss and reveal what He may be asking you to remove from your life. In my years walking with the Lord I have discovered, He wants to remove stuff (sin) to make room for better things. Good things. Amazing things. Life-altering things.

Are you still falling on your knees in the morning? If you have, share with me what this has done in you. If you haven’t, start today. It is an experience that will change you forever if you make it a regular practice to pray first everyday and invite God to be King of your life.

I love you. I have prayed for you. The Lord is absolutely delighted that you are seeking Him with all of your heart.

Be blessed, Lynn

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