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I’m sitting at my computer and the Holy Spirit is flooding my mind with so much. There is so much to tell you, much to share and I want to get it all to you right now. But, the Lord is reminding me that this is a journey. To know the Mind of Christ, to be transformed by Christ, is a progression. He reminds me to begin simply yet purposefully.

 I must tell you I have been completely overwhelmed by the response. So many of you listened to the call from God. I mailed envelopes all over the globe. I went to the store several times as I ran out of supplies. They all know me at the post office now. But, what an amazing privilege to be a sojourner along with you. I am utterly humbled and thankful to the Lord.

Some of you arrived because you are sick n’ tired of being sick n’ tired. Some of you are seeking your bliss. Some of you know you need to hear from the Lord. Here are just a few of the notes that arrived in my email box:

I would like to do your 30 days of "Tired of Being Sick and Tired." I was just telling a friend the other day how sick & tired of being sick & tired. Feeling like Satan has thrown a thick, dark blanket over me, I really need some help getting out from underneath it. I'm really excited about this! ~JW

I felt inspired by the Kingdom Experiment on your blog and I feel moved to try this one. The Lord wants to see me completely transformed by the renewing of my mind--I have been working with Romans 12-2 for some time but the transformation has only just begun! ~LR

Hello! Count me in for the Mind of Christ challenge. Boy, do I need this right now! Thanks for all you do and your faithfulness in sharing what the Lord gives you. Many Blessings to you and your beloved! ~BJ

I'm in.......................God has already been dealing with me during the month of September that it’s All ABOUT HIM and NOT ABOUT ME. ~HL

Ok Lynn, you got me on the bliss. ~AL

This is one of the many things I love about God’s community. We are never alone. He has now called all of us together. So let’s get started.

I want you to really focus on what I am about to say.

Transformation of your heart and mind begins with this:

Placing Jesus Christ on the throne of your life.

When you purposefully throw yourself off the power seat and humbly step aside allowing Jesus to fill your soul, your day, your heart, your mind, your life with His leadership, all the troubling, painful, fearful circumstances of your life lose their power over you.

Do you believe this?


I want you to take this statement and write it in your journal and then write this: What does placing Jesus on the throne of my life really mean? Then stop and listen. Write down what you hear. He may not answer you until later in the day. When that happens, return to your journal and write down what He is telling you.

Use your journal often. Write prayers, questions, hopes, promises and commitments. One day you will see that journal on your bookshelf or in your desk drawer and know that was the beginning of a new life for you.

I am now going to make a bold promise to you. If you begin each day, placing Christ on the throne of your life, God is going to radically intervene in your life.

So let’s talk about how we go about placing Christ on the throne of our life. I have a simple but profound practice I want you to try for the next 30 days. When you wake, immediately step out of bed and fall to your knees. Then pray something like this:

Jesus, Today I surrender my place of authority over my life to you. I am placing you on the throne of my life. Teach me to focus on your desires for me. Help me to not worry about what everyone else is doing right or wrong but just show me how to completely focus on you. I give you my entire life this day. In your powerful name, Jesus, Amen.

Now I have one more request. This is not an easy assignment and we are going to need each other to press forward. We will need to help each other and remain accountable to one another. In about three weeks, you will grow tired of this journey. So I am giving you a heads up now to watch for your discontent. Satan absolutely will do everything possible to keep you firmly seated in power. Have none of it.

Start today by sharing one way you are going to place Christ on the throne of your life. Share in the comments. Share if you are uncertain how you feel about falling to your knees straight out of bed while your husband watches. Share your experiences, your triumphs, your questions.

So today write down in your journal and here in the comments at least one thing you find Jesus leading you to do …. or give up, maybe that “thing” is something someone else is struggling with and they need your insight.

Lord Jesus, We commit this experiment to You. The next 30 days we are desperate to seat you firmly as the leader of our lives. Show us how to do this. Lord, empower us to become humble. We ask You to remove our pride so we can experience watching the cares of this world slip away as unimportant. We want to live in the absolute bliss of your presence. We ask in your powerful and life-changing name, Jesus. Amen

Monday, Angela Smith will be joining our team as a guest contributor during this series. I can’t wait as she shows us more about living a life with Jesus Christ as ruler and King. Be Blessed, Lynn

Okay, leave a comment and let’s hear your thoughts about your assignment. If you haven't received your envelope through the mail as of today, please email me and I will get you started without it. Hugs.

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